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Brazilian-born Belgian bonkers 'bout Britain bewitched by Bihar


Born in Salvador-Bahia (Brazil) in 1964. The desire to pursue an university career in theoretical physics took me to Rio de Janeiro in 1982 for undergraduate studies, then to Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium) in 1988 for a Ph.D., which I obtained in 1993. By then I had decided that life as a normal human being suited me better, and switched to a job in IT in 1995. Three companies later, I realised that "normal human beings" actually did not apply to the crowd I was in ... in The Big Bang Theory sort of way. Life in Belgium was sweet and Belgian citizenship followed, yet over the years and many visits I built up a small but invaluable circle of friends in London (Britain) and in 2006 decided to settle permanently here. Another love affair, this time with Patna (Bihar), developed as a result of a four-month half-sabbatical travelling all over India in 2001-2002, and has been kept going with regular visits since then.


Books, movies, hillwalking, tai ji, yoga, belly dancing, comparative religion, travelling